Fires and Accidents: Brittany Place

Early in the morning of January 19, 2002 units from Station 11 were alerted 4th due to a building fire on Greenbelt Road. All the chief officers were on the call as well as E111.

Units from Greenbelt arrived first, laid a supply line and reported, “a room off.” The room quickly became more than a room with the fire extending from the original second floor apartment to the third.

E111 was assigned the RIC assignment, Chief 11B was given the Safety sector, Chief 11 helped the relatively new Incident Commander get things under control, and Chief 11 A had the “floor above.”

With the exception of some water supply issues the fire was handled quickly with just a box alarm.

Text and Photos by Charles Bailey of Company 11, Branchville Volunteer Fire Company.

Fire Showing Truck 14 setting up Laddering the apartment Attack Lines Going In!

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