1999 PGCVF&RA Convention

1 1/2" Standing Hook-Up Contest Rules


(P.G. Assoc. and Out of County contest rules similar)
(Except for Rule #1, Ladies' contest is similar)

1. Team will consist of four personnel. (P.G. Assoc. and Out of County)

2. Apparatus to be placed at hydrant with engine dead and pump in neutral.

3. Pump and tank to be drained.

4. Hydrant wrench on hydrant and 4 " cap on hand tight.

5. 150 ft of 1 " hose racked in bed, preconnected.

6. Soft suction not less than 4 1/2" in size with one end connected to apparatus.

7. Nozzle to be (CVFSS) with shut off. Nozzle to be closed until personnel are on ground.

8. Starting line to be 25 ft. from rear of apparatus.

9. Target will be 175 ft. from rear of apparatus.

10. Water must knock down target to end contest.

11. Pressure not to exceed 150 lbs.

12. Each leak shall count as a one second penalty.

13. Open nozzle or excessive pressure shall be reason for disqualification.

General Instructions
At the signal of the starting judge the team will lay out 150 ft. of 1 " hose, the soft suction shall be connected to the hydrant, and the engine started and pump placed in gear. Contest is over when target is knocked down.

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