1999 PGCVF&RA Convention

Aerial Ladder Contest Rules


This is an aerial ladder truck contest for statewide competition. Three wins will give permanent possession to any one company.

1. This trophy must be run off every year at the annual convention of the Prince George's County Volunteer Firemen's Association continuous-ly until it has been won three times by one company.

2. Company in contest shall be a member in good standing of the Maryland State Firemen's Association.

3. Team will consist of six firefighters. These firefighters shall be volunteer members (not compensated) and in good standing of the company participating for trophy.

4. Apparatus will be parked free from obstructions, engine off, and team on truck where they would ride. Firefighters in contest will wear helmets, gloves and running boots.

5. This is not a speed contest, but rather one that will show skill and precision, although there will be a deadline or maximum time of 40 min-utes to complete contest. Time shall be considered by the judge.

6. The manner in which these ladders are drilled with (carried, raised, turned, braced, lowered, and returned to apparatus) must be in compliance with the University of Maryland basic training manual.

7. On the signal to begin, firefighters will prepare aerial ladder for service and immediately bring aerial out of bed to its fullest degree of elevation. Then rotate the ladder 5/8 of the way around (clockwise or counterclock-wise). Now extend the flies to their fullest extension and secure all locks; turntable flies ladder lock, elevation lock. Next unlock and set ladder as you want it (elevation, extension) so it will receive the ground ladders. Again, all locks should be locked.

8. Next take off every ladder that is carried on truck (except your two longest ladders with and without tormentor poles as these will be used later in contest) and walk off 50 feet from the rear of apparatus (marked by judges) and raise ladder to vertical position. (If extension ladder, it will be extended to fullest extension). Then lower and carry ladder back. Either place back on apparatus or place them on ground. After a ladder has been raised and is being returned to apparatus, the next ladder can start in motion.

9. Take your longest extension ladder without poles (30 ft or 40 ft) and raise it, extend fly to its fullest extension and place into simulated building which in the case of the contest will be the aerial ladder. There will be a line marked on the ground by the judges directly under and in-line with the beam of aerial ladder which will receive ground ladder. This line will represent base of building. This part will not only be judged on handling of ladders, but also placing the heel. After you once set heel of ladder, you will have one more try to correct the heel of the ladder. Heel of ladder must be placed 1/4 of the total length of ladder from base of building. Distance will be measured by judge from outside heel after participants have set ladder. There must be at least one rung over and not more than three at top beam of aerial ladder.

10. Take tormentor poles and do the same as in Rule 9.

11. The contest will end after all ladders have been taken off the truck and used and then all ladders placed back on truck, aerial ladder secured in heel, and crew again standing on truck as in beginning.

12. The contest shall be judged on handling, placing, and overall knowl-edge of ladder. Judges shall not converse with the crew during or after contest. Judges decision shall be final.

13. Should there be only one company wishing to participate in the contest, said company must perform all evolutions, and comply with the rules contained in this contest, in order for this company to receive the trophy.

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