1999 PGCVF&RA Convention

Skill and Agility Contest Rules


(P.G. Assoc. and Out of County contest rules similar)
(except for Rule #1, Ladies' contest rules similar)

1. One person from each department may run the course.

2. All measurements on the diagram are approximate.

3. Individual parts and/or measurements of the course may be modified as necessary by the hosting Departments.

4. Contestants may walk the course prior to the starting of the contest however, no practice may be conducted.

5. Each Contestant/Department is to furnish a full set of turnout gear to include:
    a. Running coat with snaps/hooks (No Velcro)
    b. Bunker Pants
    c. Approved Firefighting Boots
    d. Helmet
    e. Approved Firefighting Gloves

(Ladies skip Rule #6 and go to Rule #7)

6. Hosting Department will provide SCBA. Contestant may choose one of the following:
    a. 30 Minute Scott 2.2
    b. 60 Minute Scott 4.5
    c. 30 Minute MSA

7. The Contestant's full set of turnout gear may be arranged free style within the designated area with the following conditions:
    a. The coat will be hanging from a hook on the "Bed Post."
    b. All snaps must be open. (No Velcro Allowed).

8. The starting position will be lying on the "bed" dressed in street or work clothes. Shoes need not be worn.

9. At the start signal, the Contestant will rise and proceed through the Course.

10. Gloves must be worn after the initial suit up except when donning the air pack.

11. Any loss of turnout gear must be replaced immediately (Example: If a helmet falls off, the Contestant must replace the helmet before continuing).

12. Each Contestant must satisfactorily complete each phase of the course in the order prescribed before proceeding further.

13. The judges decision is final.

Description of Course: Numbers in parentheses correspond to numbers on the diagram:

1. The start position will be lying on the "Bed."

2. The contestant's full set of turnout clothing must be placed in the designated areas. A clothes post with a hook will be provided. The coat, with the snaps unfastened (No velcro allowed), must hang from the post. Other gear may be arranged free style. Contestants must be fully suited (including all snaps/hooks secured) in turnout clothing before crossing the "Fence" (#3). Penalty for incomplete suit-up will be (10) seconds.

3. The four-foot high "Fence" may be crossed free style.

4. A part of the Contestant's foot must touch the ground in the center of each tire during the foot agility phase. A judge near the tires will "Flag" any contestant who fails to touch the ground in each tire. The Contestant must then return to the beginning of the foot agility phase if a touch was not made. Penalty for failure to touch the ground in each tire will result in disqualification.

5. The Contestant will pick up a standard fire ax, lift the ax above shoulder height, swing the ax and hit a two-inch by two-inch target area. Duct tape will be used for the target. The tape must be cut into two parts.

6. An air pack may be placed free style within the designated area; however, the tank valve must be in the closed position. The Contestant will don the air pack and secure all straps. Tank air is to be breathed from this time through the end of the event. Gloves may be removed to don the air pack but must be replaced prior to crossing the ties (#7). A judge near the tires will nag the Contestant if the requirements are not met. Penalty for non-compliance will be disqualification.

7. Contestant may cross the tires free style.

8. Contestant must pass through the tube. The exact diameter and length of the tube has not been determined but will not require the removal of the air pack.

9. Contestant must pick up one (1) three inch hose roll and go to the line, stop and unroll the three inch hose roll by throwing it.

10. Contestant must then connect the hose to a deluge gun where an additional line will have to be hooked up. (Couplings must be hand tight).

11. A double serpentine pattern will be followed around five traffic cones. A five second penalty will be added for each cone that is touched.

12. Contestants may pass free style through a "window" frame.

(Ladies Skip Step #13 and go to Step #14)

13. Contestants must go through the ladder grabbing each rung. Coming into contact with the ground before completion will result in starting the ladder evolution over.

14. Contestants must proceed and ring the bell.


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