Sports History of the Branchville Volunteer Fire Co.

Originally written by Richard Hughes for the 1975 Branchville VFCo. Annual Banquet with updates added for the 1998 PGCVF&RA Conventions Handbook - Items in () added by web page author

The Branchville firemen could never be accused of all work and no play. They have over the years indulged in social activities such as having a bowling team in 1929, consisting of Robert Pannebaker, L. Exel, E. Tucker, C. Johnson and Richard Hughes, with contest being played at College park alleys. Through the years they have managed to have one and then two teams representing the company. In 1957 we were crowned the top team with Richard and Charles Hughes, John Gravely, Charles Reidmiller and Bob Wyatt as players.

In 1959 Richard Hughes and Charles Hughes, Lewis Jenkins, Harry Huth and John Gravely won their section of county but lost to Beltsville by one game.

Softball was also a featured sport with the men also. They fielded teams in the old Firemen's league in the late 1930's. They were mostly won by the Berwyn Heights company who fielded a powerhouse.

In 1946 we lost to the Riverdale Heights team in a play-off at old Magruder Park. Other years we only had fair success until 1971 when we came in second to Beltsville. In 1972, second in the division and then we won the round robin. 1973, another 2nd place to Cheverly on the Northside, Kentland won the Southside and in the play-off Cheverly won. 1974 we won the Northside championship-11 to 1, then played Kentland, champs of the southside. We beat them 5 to 1. Games were played at Watkins Regional Park.

From 1975 until 1982, Beltsville Fire Company was the perennial powerhouse and we were always a close second or third. We did not participate in the league in 1983 but went to the 1984 Northside championship game only to lose to Kentland. In 1985, not to be outdone we beat Kentland 4 times for the Northside championship and then went on to defeat Clinton 15-12 for the County softball championship.

Baseball became a sub-culture among the ranks at Branchville with members and family members on Sunday Mornings to play, and normally defeat, other Departments. In 1985, we were once again the County Champions of Softball, defeating Clinton.

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