1999 PGCVF&RA Convention

Battle of the Bucket Contest Rules


(except for Rule #6, same rules for Out of County contest)
(except for Rule #3 & 6, same rules for Ladies contest)

1. Host company will provide the following: two upright poles, 70 feet apart with cable or wire stretched between poles, 15 feet above the ground; one five gallon capacity bucket, to be attached as to slide freely on said cable; one pumper or hydrant to provide 100 lbs. of pressure on two 1 1/2" hose lines equipped with identical nozzles.

2. To start contest, the bucket is placed in the center of the cable. Two opposing teams then each pick a position behind the poles. Hose lines will be charged, nozzles will be opened and streams touched at bucket height. At the judge's signal, each team will attempt to push bucket along the cable to their opponents side. Touching the bucket to the pole will end the contest.

3. All contestants will wear firemen's helmet, turnout coat and boots. (Men)

3. All contestants to wear boots. (Ladies)

4. Wetting judges, spectators or other contestants deliberately will result in immediate disqualification.

5. There will be a three minute time limit.

6. Contest open to member companies of Prince George's County only. (P.G. Assoc.)

6. Contest open to member auxiliaries of Prince George's County only. (P.G. Ladies)

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