1999 PGCVF&RA Convention

First Alarm (Firefighter Dressing) Contest Rules


(except for deleting P.G. Assoc. membership requirement, same rules for Out of County Contest)
(for Ladies Contest, same rules except P.G. Ladies Assoc. membership is required)

1. Contest open to all Prince George's County Fire Departments in good standing with the Prince George's County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association.

2. Each team will consist of five members and each participant must be a member of the Prince George's County Fire Service.

3. The length of the course shall be 50 feet.

4. All contestants will have a firemen's helmet with chin strap, a turnout coat with liners and five snaps, and firemen's 3/4" length boots or running pants. This running equipment will be placed 25 feet from the starting line.

5. All contestants will be behind the starting line wearing street shoes. (Can be untied, but feet must be in shoes.)

6. At a given signal, the five contestants will cross the starting line and advance to the running equipment. They will remove street shoes and start to dress with helmet, turnout coat and boots. Upon completion of dressing the contestants will cross the ending line and stand for inspec-tion by the judges.

7. Before crossing the ending line, all contestants will have all five snaps of the turnout coat hooked and the chin strap of the helmet under the chin.

8. Time will be recorded by the Judges from the starting signal until all five contestants have crossed the ending line. The team having the lowest time plus penalties shall be declared the winner.

1. A three second penalty for each shoe left on the wrong side of the starting line and/or each snap of the turnout coat unhooked.

2. A ten second penalty will be charged for failure to have the chin strap under the chin.

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