1999 PGCVF&RA Convention

Tug of War Contest Rules


(except for #1 & 3, same rules for Out of County contest)
(P.G. Ladies Assoc. Members Only in Ladies Contest)

1. Entries shall consist of one team from any in-county company registered with the judges.

2. Teams shall consist of eight members per team.

3. The Host Company of the Convention is permitted to engage in the contest.

4. This will be an elimination contest and team captains will draw lots to determine teams pulling.

5. No two teams will pull in succession without some rest as long as time will allow; this is left to the discretion of the judges.

6. The rope shall be no smaller than " with knots only at each end and shall be supplied by the convention host company.

7. The court shall be 16 feet in length with a center line drawn and marked at the 8 foot point. Teams will line up at the starting line and at the sound of the whistle both teams will start pulling and continue to pull until the first person is pulled over the center line.

8. Additional foot equipment shall be running boots only.

9. Judges decisions are final.

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